CV (2019)

Scholarship on Spirituality and Movements

Larry W. Isaac, Anna W. Jacobs, Jaime Kucinskas, and Allison McGrath. Forthcoming 2020. “Social Movement Schools: Sites for Consciousness Transformation, Training, and Prefigurative Social Development” Social Movement Studies

Jaime KucinskasThe Mindful Elite: Mobilizing Change from the Inside Out. Oxford University Press
* Honorable mention, ASA Sociology of Religion Section 2019 Distinguished Book Award, and includes chapter awarded the 2013 Graduate Student Paper Award,
ASA Sociology of Religion Section

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Jaime Kucinskas. 2014. “The Unobtrusive Tactics of Religious Movements”  Sociology of Religion (Sociology of Religion-2014-Kucinskas-socrel-sru055_onlinepublication)

Islam and Gender

Jaime Kucinskas and Tamara van der Does. 2017. “Gender Ideals in Turbulent Times: An Examination of Insecurity, Islam, and Muslim Men’s Gender Attitudes during the Arab Spring” Comparative Sociology 16:3 340-368 (COSO_016_03-Kucinskas and van der Does)

Jaime Kucinskas. 2010. “A Research Note on Islam and Gender Egalitarianism: An Examination of Egyptian and Saudi Arabian Youth Attitudes” Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion, 49: 761-770 (pdf_kucinskas2010)

Income Inequality

Ho-fung Hung and Jaime Kucinskas. 2011. “Globalization and Global Inequality: Assessing the Impact of the rise of China and India, 1980-2005” American Journal of Sociology, 116: 1478-1513 (pdf_ajs2010_hungkucinskas)

 *Winner of 2012 Best Article in ASA’s Global and Transnational Section and Political Economy of the World-System Section